Challenge One: Building a PLN

You explored creating a Professional Learning Network (PLN) as part of 21 Things. Now we're going to go more in depth with these tools.
For a quick refresher please watch this video.

Review this infographic about teachers and social media. All Facebook recommendations can also be used in Edmodo.

We will focus on blogs and Twitter. There are several small tasks you must finish in order to complete this challenge. This Livebinder is a collection of resources for creating a PLN including blogs, educators on Twitter, tips and tricks. You will refer to this Livebinder often during this challenge.

Part One: Blogs

Revisit your Google Reader from 21 Things. Click here to see that "thing" one more time. You need to add two more blogs to your reader for a total of at least five. You can refer to the Livebinder above for suggestions. If your professional organization has a blog you may want to include them. Check your reader at least once per week during the month of this challenge. Now it's time to interact with the blogs you read. Comment on at least one blog post that inspired you, made you think, or gave you an idea that you want to try. Take a screen shot of your comment.
Assignment, Part One:
Write an Edmodo post that includes:
1. Part One: Blogs
2. Titles of the two blogs you added
3. Attach the screen shot of your comment.

Part Two: Twitter

We reviewed social media tools as part of 21 Things here. For that task you had the option of creating a Twitter account. The majority of educators with a PLN point to Twitter as the most important tool in their arsenal; therefore, for this part of the challenge everyone will join Twitter. For a quick review of Twitter vocabulary read this article and for 25 hints about using Twitter read this article. Create a free Twitter account, follow at least 10 educators, write a bio on your profile and add a photo. You can find teachers to follow using the Livebinder above. Each of you will participate in a Twitter chat. For a full calendar of chats visit this link. Choose one of the chats to participate in. To participate you will need to log onto Twitter on the correct date and time. Enter the hashtag for the chat you would like to join in the search box to pull up the Tweets from the chat. Participate by answering questions or responding to Tweets. Remember to use the hashtag so that your tweet will show up in the chat. Take a screen shot of your tweet in the chat.
This video gives a quick history and explanation of hashtags.

The hashtag for Level Up Tech Quest is #leveluptq. Use this hashtag to connect with other teachers in our district that are participating in this program.
Assignment, Part Two:
Write an Edmodo post that includes:
1. Part Two: Twitter
2. Your Twitter handle Ex. @teacher
3. The name of the Twitter chat you participated in.
4. Attach the screen shot of your chat.

Are you ready to Level Up?

Try these tasks for more practice.

+1 for every additional comment you write on a blog
+1 for every additional blog over 5 that you subscribe to
+1 reaching 20 people following on Twitter
+1 reaching 30 people following on Twitter
+1 every Tweet of a resource/article you share on Twitter
+1 for every person that follows you on Twitter
+2 for every RT you receive
+5 installing Twitter app on your mobile device
+5 Use the site to create an online newspaper of your Twitter feed

Revisit the previous challenge for more practice:
+1 search the #ptchat (parent teacher chat) hashtag on Twitter
+1 Update your calendar page for October
+1 Update your student work page
+1 for each blog post you write on your class blog
+1 for each reminder sent using a group text service
+1 Poll your parents or students
+1 Use QR codes in an assignment or on a letter/newsletter/bulletin board
+1 for every newsletter, digital scrapbook page, audio clip or playlist created and shared