BYOD - Bring your own device, BYOT - Bring your own technology

Definition: Meet Stu and Dent (Youtube Video)

Current state of BYOD at ASD1
  • District cell phone policy
  • Conversation with Andria?
  • Current District policies regarding attaching to school wireless network

Why talk about BYOD now?

Cybrary Man's BYOD/BYOT Internet Resource Directory
Using the above directory of Internet resources, or the results of your own searching, create a matrix listing some of the advantages of BYOD contrasted with the pitfalls of BYOD.

We cannot ask teachers to violate district policy and teach a lesson with BYOD, but could ask them to look at a lesson they have done recently and explain how having a BYOD policy in place that allowed students to use mobile devices would have "leveled up" that lesson. See How would I prepare to teach a BYOD class? for one teacher's examples.

How could an effective BYOD policy "level up" your classroom?
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