Gamification is the process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage users.
In order to be classified as gamification an entire unit or classroom must use gaming techniques. For an example of a school that uses gamification on every level, see this school in New York called Quest to Learn.

Why should we try it?
Some of the reasons educators list for trying gamification include student motivation, positive attitude toward learning, competitive spirit, increased student engagement, increased student retention, goal setting, element of playfulness, and turning learning into a challenge instead of a chore. Many more details can be seen in the graphic below.


To see another gaming infographic visit this site.

How can we use these ideas in the classroom?

There are many ways teachers can utilize gaming elements in the classroom setting. For this assignment you will need to choose one of the tasks below.
1. Class Dojo: This site allows teachers to track student behavior with the site or app. Reinforce behaviors with notfications and keep parents updated with behavior data. Create an account and track behavior for at least two students. Write an Edmodo post reflecting on using this site/app. Will you continue to use this site?
2. Badges: Many teachers use badges as incentives to recognize effort and reward student accomplishment. Edmodo now offers badges. Read all about it here. For more about badges and how they are expected to influence employers read this article. You may recognize this technique from the Level Up Tech Quest. We used these ideas to create this professional development course. Another example of using badges is the Reader's Quest program used in the Palmetto Middle library. You can find the details of the program here. Use Edmodo badges with your students or create and use your own system of badges. Write an Edmodo post explaining how you used badges and how it influenced your classroom. Will you continue to use badges?
3. Video Games/Apps: There are many ways to utilize video games or game apps with your curriculum. This resource provides ideas for using the Wii, another for the XBox, and another list of resources for iPod apps and more. Explore these ideas and try at least one unit or lesson using an app or video game. Write an Edmodo post with the details of the lesson including student learning outcomes.
4. Study gaming to get ideas for your own classroom. Try using Foursquare, Chore Wars or EpicWin. How did these games change your behavior or motivation? How can you apply these ideas to your own classroom? Write a post sharing your experience and how these ideas could change your teaching experience.

Are You Ready to Level Up?
+5 Visit the Level Up Book Club Livebinder
+10 watch the Gamification for the Epic Win archived webinar
+15 Read one of thebooks about gamification and learning